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World Food Regulation Review

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Month-by-month coverage of the latest legal and regulatory developments affecting the food industry around the world, plus all that you need to know about food safety.



Keeping up with regulatory and legislative developments affecting the food industry in the EU and around the world -- and understanding how they may affect you -- is no easy task. However, with World Food Regulation Review (WFRR), you will be able to draw upon the expertise and insight of fellow specialists and leading practitioners to ensure you receive comprehensive coverage of all the latest news and analysis in the food industry.

WFRR subscribers are provided with essential coverage of new laws, regulations, codes of practice and government actions worldwide. Each issue gives access to news and developments in the regulation and control of foodstuffs, such as safety, agriculture, nutritional labelling regulations, food additives and pesticide residues.

Every month, WFRR:

  • Gives you the facts of international food legislation, ensuring that you keep up with changes and understand how they affect you.
  • Provides a single source for all the latest developments in food regulation, including the activities of all key bodies and regulators.
  • Reduces the amount of time and money spent on research.

In addition, WFRR gives access to:

  • News and developments in the regulation and control of the food industry.
  • New regulations, enforcement actions and other legal documentation with full text reproduction.
  • The activities of all prominent international associations and regulators, such as the EU, UN, FDA, ASEAN and WTO.


WFRR incorporates the material formerly published in the internationally renowned International Food Safety News (IFSN), giving coverage of key topics and research into food safety and quality.

Recent worldwide events have spotlighted the growing crisis in consumer confidence in the safety of the food they eat. Throughout the food chain, public pressure is coming to bear on suppliers and distributors of food, and food safety professionals need increasingly to keep abreast of an ever-changing situation.

A regular subscription to WFRR will help to keep you fully aware of important issues, and keep your organisation at the forefront of food issues worldwide.

World Food Regulation Review is published twelve times a year.

Incorporating International Food Safety News

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