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Dear Gatekeeper Subscriber,

Gatekeeper Subscription (From Booklet 134)

As you may know, Research Information Ltd manages the subscriptions to the Gatekeeper Series on behalf of IIED.

IIED is an international policy research institute and non-governmental body working for more sustainable and equitable global development. It acts as a catalyst, broker and facilitator and helps vulnerable groups find their voice and ensure their interests are heard in decision-making. For further information please visit

Your FREE subscription to the Gatekeeper Series was valid for a period of two years, and our records show that this period will END after the distribution of the April 2007 issue (which will include the three Booklets 131, 132 and 133. To continue to receive the Series for a further three years and to help keep our records up to date simply complete the form below and click the 'submit' button as soon as possible. Please make sure your email address is correct in case we need to contact you.

Please include the Subscriber Number which is shown on your renewal letter. If you did not receive a renewal letter, or if you require any further information, please email me.

Yours sincerely,

Kumar Patel, Director
Research Information Ltd

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Ref: Gatekeeper 3-years (Booklets 134-160)

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