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Food Packaging Bulletin

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The Bulletin for Regulatory and Packaging Safety Advisers

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Food Packaging Bulletin is the leading newsletter dealing with all aspects of food packaging regulatory affairs in Europe. The newsletter covers regulatory, research and technological issues relating to health safety and quality, environment, food composition and processing and novel processes.

Recent topics have covered:

  • Updates on the latest EU regulatory developments
  • Migration from food contact materials
  • Packaging Waste issues
  • Food packaging research
  • Antimicrobials in Food Contact Plastics
  • New legislation for recycled food contact plastics

And recent articles have included:

  • EU Guidance on Food Contact Materials Dossier Submission
  • Primary Aromatic Amines (PAA) abundant in black nylon kitchen utensils from China (X T Trier and B. Fabech)
  • New Legislation for Recycled Food Contact Plastics (J Jetten and E Zondervan-van den Beuken)
  • Examining the Impact of the Draft Super Regulation on Multi-layer Packaging (R Loop)
  • The Economic Benefits of Including Metal Packaging in Kerbside Collection
  • Bad Press (Again) for Plasticizers?
  • Trimellitic Acid and the Problems of Ensuring the Safety of Can Coatings (K Grob)
  • EU Status Impacts Polish Packaged Food Market
  • World’s First Microwavable Aseptic Package
  • Food Packaging Regulations in the Enlarged Europe (J-P Montfort)
  • Use of Realistic Exposure Assessments in Regulating Food Contact Materials
  • The New Framework Regulation (N Kernoghan)
  • Implementing EC Directive 2004/19/EC on Food Contact Materials in England
  • Use of Antimicrobials in Food Contact Plastics – the Regulatory Challenge (A Gergely)
  • The Use of Oxygen Scavengers in Food Packaging (M-R Morvillier)
  • Overview of the Latest Developments in Barrier Technologies for the Drinks Market (R Roberts)

Food Packaging Bulletin is published ten times a year.

ISSN: 1355 0497 (Print) -- 2045-2500 (Online)

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