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Document News

(Formerly the Int J of Micrographics & Optical Technology)


Editor: Bob Yorke

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The International Journal of Micrographics & Optical Technology (Micrographics) was conceived 30 years ago as a platform for the publication of original material (both applied and theoretical), news and new product information in the fields of micrographics, electronic information transfer, and workflow. Digital technology moves at an exponential rate, providing some extremely exciting challenges -- opportunities -- for new and existing users of information management technology. Micrographics covered emerging technologies -- optical, magneto-optical, holographic and high-density hard disk storage, high-performance image capture, text recognition, storage, indexing and retrieval -- providing information about their technological bases, evaluation and selection of components, and their integration into systems which enable organisations to remain in control of the information explosion.

Document News

With the near demise of legacy document systems such as microfiche, microfilm, etc., in everyday applications, and the rise of magneto-optical and other storage systems in their place, the existing newsletter gradually became outmoded. We have renamed and refocused this important publication to cover every facet of the lifecycle of the document the basic building block of mankind's knowledgebase. The retargeted publication Document News is a bi-monthly, A4 newsletter that covers all aspects of the document lifecycle, from capture or creation, through to storage and retrieval, and on to eventual disposal. Document News includes details of new products and developments hardware, software and conceptual, document industry and news, and longer items covering new technologies and any topic falling within the aims and scope.

Who reads Document News?

  • Middle and higher level executives
  • Strategic planners
  • Network and IT managers
  • Information scientists
  • Librarians and archivists
  • Systems integrators and consultants
  • Corporate information managers

Which organisations benefit from Document News?

  • Medical and healthcare providers
  • Legal and financial institutions
  • Engineering and design companies
  • Creative media organisations (including film and graphic arts)
  • Insurance organisations
  • Central and local government
  • Public records offices
  • Museums and libraries
  • Academic institutions
  • Business consultancies
  • Inter- and intra-network providers

Document News is published six times a year and is available in print, with subscribers benefiting from FREE access to our fully searchable online archive, which includes issues from 2004 to date.

ISSN: 2047-8704 (Print)

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