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Download a Low Resolution PDF Sample Copy

If you want to see what Appropriate Technology is all about, you can download a free sample copy right now, or email us and we will email a copy back to you.

Appropriate Technology is no lightweight -- even in PDF format the sample weighs in at nearly two megabytes.

Because of the size of the issue (72 pages) and the pictures involved, the sample has been prepared at low resolution, and any full colour pages have been reduced to greyscale. It is intended to give you a taste of Appropriate Technology, but does not reflect the high quality of the printed product.

Get Acrobat Reader

If you don't already have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is available free of charge from Adobe.

RIGHT click  

1. Click on the picture with your right-hand mouse button.

2. Use the 'save as...' or 'save target as...' option which most browsers have to save the file to your own computer.


If you have problems downloading your sample, tell us and we will email a copy to you.

PS. We are happy for you to copy and mail this sample to your friends and colleagues. Please tell them about this Web site as well.

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