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Online Access

If you are a subscription agent, please note that the procedure for requesting ONLINE ACCESS to our publications can be found here.

Online Access and Subscriber End-User Addresses

For security reasons we require full end-user address details before setting up online access for subscribers. This includes the addresses for any orders that are sent to third-party or consolidation addresses, and not directly to the subscriber. If orders are received without end-user details, then we will contact you for this information. Online access will not be granted without end-user details.

Agency Discounts

Please note that there is no agency discount.

If a discount is taken against invoices that show no discount, or if a discount is deducted from renewal payments, this will be treated as an underpayment. The payment will banked and a supplementary invoice will be issued showing the underpayment plus a £30 administration fee. The subscription order will not be processed until the supplementary invoice is paid. For renewals, at expiry of the subscription, we will write to the end-user informing them as to why the processing of their subscription has been delayed.

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